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The first educational-  and experimental farm for pig husbandry was founded south of Berlin in 1918 and has influenced the entire German pig husbandry since then. The research results and the qualification standards have a good reputation. The inspiration about founding a museum for pigs as a farm animal was born in the beginning of the nineties. As location for this museum was used these long standing institution in Ruhlsdorf. The museum was opened in 1993 as an independent  museum in Germany. Our goal is to transfer knowledge about the historical development of pig husbandry in Germany for the public and for specialists in pig husbandry. Recently, the amount of people who are involved in or connected to agriculture is decreasing and the image loss due to bad news about the food industry are increasing. Our goal, therefore, is to provide some background information to the visitors.


Förderverein Deutsches Schweinemuseum e.V.
Dorfstraße 1
14513 Teltow OT Ruhlsdorf
Tel.:(03328) 436-145
Tel/Fax/AB:(03328) 309139


Mai bis September (geändert seit 2015)
jeden Samstag
13-17 Uhr
Absprachen für gesonderte Öffnungszeiten und für Gruppen
(per mail oder Telefon)


Erwachsene:  3,00 € 
Ermäßigt:       2,00 € 
Kinder bis 14 Jahre frei