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The permanent exhibition shows

  • How wild boar developed to a domestic pig and to a great variation of breeds.
  • How pigs were kept and fed in the past.
  • How reproduction methods have developed.
  • How performance testing is organised and realized.
  • How pig's health is ensured.
  • How pig breeders were organised.
  • How leading experts operated.
  • How the pig was completely and comprehensively utilized.
  • How the pig is seen from historic-cultural perspective.


Förderverein Deutsches Schweinemuseum e.V.
Dorfstraße 1
14513 Teltow OT Ruhlsdorf
Tel.:(03328) 436-145
Tel/Fax/AB:(03328) 309139


Mai bis September (geändert seit 2015)
jeden Samstag
13-17 Uhr
Absprachen für gesonderte Öffnungszeiten und für Gruppen
(per mail oder Telefon)


Erwachsene:  3,00 € 
Ermäßigt:       2,00 € 
Kinder bis 14 Jahre frei